Cipher CMS

Cipher CMS was written with an open canvas methodology.

This relates to us, via the CMS (Content Management System) providing you with a blank canvas, where you can create and edit your own website to the limits of your imagination and heart's content.

There's no more need for templates, design limitations or following the rules set out by some developer in a dark corner somewhere. This is your paintbrush, and we'd want you to leave your own Picasso on the web.

Some of the key features of Cipher CMS include

  • Quick Setup – only 3 questions and you're done.
  • Can be run with or without a database installation.
  • The tool will generate a fully responsive website, which is 100% supported by all devices and supported browsers, mobile or desktop bound.
  • All pages are generated code, in either .html or .php – which makes your footprint on the Google search database bigger, because if content lies within a database, Google can't see it. The tool also updates your sitemap.xml file to contain all the latest content and changes.
  • Fully customisable meta tags, keywords, page description and page title
  • Embedding of Google Maps
  • Embedding of Vimeo/ Youtube video's
  • Unlimited galleries and inline gallery plugins per page
The base of Cipher CMS is built on the HTML 5 boilerplate of the infamous
We make use of Font Awesome Opensource Icons throughout the tool and site.
Technologies used are mainly by not limited to

Plugins and widgets

Plugins and Widgets can also be installed on an ad-hoc basis in the page editor itself.

Cipher CMS is fully opensource and we do offer a try before you buy option.

a couple of screenshots of Cipher CMS in action